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JSC "TIKHORETSKELEVATORSPETSSTROY" was established on March 11, 1957.

    The main branches of activity are construction, redesign and repair of facilities on grain processing, JSC “Transneft”, JSC "Gazprom" objects.
    During the years of its existence the enterprise has developed into a powerful independent firm which annually carries out contract works for 300 million roubles. Constantly expanding amount of works and improving their specificity, the staff has mastered all aspects of construction technologies and has access to all kinds of construction work - from installation to finish.
    Constantly improving, TESS invests much money in equipment and re-equipment of construction production, mastering the newest engineering technologies.
    Technology on strengthening of concrete constructions by external reinforcement from high module carbon fibers has been mastered and put into practice.
    During the last few years JSC "Tikhoretskelevatorspetsstroy" has constructed: mills with 500 tons a day productivity and formula-feed plants with 650 tons a day productivity in Tikhoretsk, Krasnodarsk krai, in Argun, Chechen republic, in Psekups, Republic of Adygeya; factory shops, minicomplexes on grain processing in the Rostov region and Krasnodar krai, more than 20 complexes began working; redesign of bank financial settlement centers, erection of hotels and recreation centers in cities: Tikhoretsk, Primorsko-Ahtarsk, Armavir, Kurganinsk; in regional villages of Krasnodar krai: Vyselki, Kushchevskaya, Staroshcherbinovskaya, Belaya Glina, Novopokrovskaya in Novorossiysk - mill with the Italian equipment, reception of grain from motor and rail transport for transshipment to sea crafts, terminal complex on transfer of cereal crops in JSC "Tuapse sea trading port" with transfer volume 2 million tons a year, construction of macaroni plant with mill and elevator in Balashov city, Saratov region. The quality of our work is appreciated by many European firms customers reflected in the references: Italian firm "OCRIM" on modernization of a seven-story building of the mill of JSC «Novorossiysk Combinat Khleboproduktov» in Novorossiysk; Danish firm Cimbria Unigrain A/S and Andersen & Broberg on construction of corn calibration plant in Ladogskaya village, Ust-Labinsk region. You can entrust us construction of objects with high quality requirements and European technologies of work.
    Having the most extensive geography of construction, JSC "Tikhoretskelevatorspetsstroy" has got unconditional trust of customers and spotless reputation of the reliable partner who doesn’t break the obligations under any circumstances.
    Due to specificity of the enterprise activity only highly skilled staff can participate in the production and construction process. Our employees engaged in erection of buildings are professional specialists working with up-to-date equipment and tooling.
    JSC "Tikhoretskelevatorspetsstroy" reputation as a reliable business partner is known not only in Kuban, but also outside the Krasnodar krai. The enterprise is in the catalogue “150 best enterprises of Russia”, in the book “Gold capital of Russia”.

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